Who will win

Message to an unknown friend

Don’t worry, Trump won’t win there
The reason we are telling you here
Our imaginations accurate
We believe very here.

Reason One: Change the policy quickly
Second reason: he failed in the Corona era
Third reason: they needlessly speak more
Fourth reason: China should not punish Corona
Fifth reason: Indians upset by the visa policy are there
Fifth Reason: Increased unemployment in the Corona period
Sixteenth reasons: to have intention of promoting own business more than the country
Seventh Reason: Not playing a decisive role in the war that is going on.
Eighth reason: home piercing
Nava Reason: No effect in the world
The tenth reason: threatening India in the Corona era
Due to medicine.

This idea is my personal
If I were a citizen there
Promotes opposition and
Could have won his candidate.

harish harplani द्वारा प्रकाशित

हमारे विचार पसन्द आपको हम भाग्यशाली बने यहाँ✍️

2 विचार “Who will win&rdquo पर;

    1. है बात भविष्य की धरा
      खुद को आजमाया हैं यहा
      देखना चाहता था दिल हमारा
      कितनी कल्पना शक्ति सटीक यहा।।

      फैसला करेगा कभी वर्तमान
      आज भविष्य में छुपा यहा
      वक़्त बेवक्त पता तो पड़े
      हैं कितनी कलम में धार यहा।।

      अपने विचार प्रकट करने के लिए

      It is a matter of future
      Tried myself here
      My heart wanted to see
      How much imagination power is right here.

      Will decide ever present
      Hidden here in the future today
      At the time you know
      There are so many pens in the pen.

      To express your thoughts

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